Dear John Your Wastebasket

I have a problem.  I do not like to take out the trash in the bathrooms.  Why does if fill up so fast?  What can we possibly be putting in there that I need to take it out every five days?  Ugh.

When my mom visited and saw that I have the same problem with the kitchen trash, she gave me the answer.  “Sarah, you need a bigger trash can.”  Oh.  Wow. Earth to me!  Duh!… and so on.  Why was I incapable of figuring that out myself?  Mom, I love you.  I will always need you.

So I say, Dear John Your Wastebasket!  If it’s not working for your family any more because you’ve outgrown it, get a bigger one.  Maybe you can find ways to make less trash, that is true.  But I discovered something about myself, and maybe it’s true for you too.  If I try to change my habits all in one day, I don’t get anywhere but frustrated, and I still have to take out the trash!  So, let’s work with what we’ve got right now and try to make changes along the way.


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