Resolving Conflicts – Simple is Better

I have been witnessing conflicts all around and even in my own home.  Sometimes they are heated and tricky to handle.

The most common response I see from others in conflicts is shouting and sarcastic remarks made in an effort to preserve one’s dignity and show that they are right.  Have you ever seen or reflected on a conflict you or another has handled in this manner?  The parties involved just go around and around really getting no where and they look ridiculous.

I have so many things to improve on in this area, but I did happen across something that makes a huge difference when involved in a conflict.

1.  Less is more.  Say less than you want.  When someone makes an attack at you, no matter how much you want to say something to prove them wrong, just don’t.  To end a conflict, you first need to stop participating in it.

When I was working at a job where there were a lot of conflicts, sometimes people would try to start a fight with me.  I simply didn’t respond to their sarcastic tones and comments.  This made the conflict very one-sided and they had no ammunition in which to send back my way when I didn’t respond in the way they expected.  They really looked quite silly being so rude when I was being so nice.

2. Treat others the way the Savior did.  No one has suffered more than our Savior.  He was treated much worse than any of us will ever have to experience.  His response was always loving kindness and this is the second part to resolving conflicts.  Perhaps the other party will not drop their arguments, but you will no longer be accountable for the continuation of bad feelings because you will be able to overcome them in this way.

These two simple steps to conflict resolution have really helped me take a different approach to unpleasant situations.  I can choose to remove the stress caused by fighting by choosing to not participate in it.  Of course I am not perfect at this, but when I remember these steps they help me make better choices.


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