Bountiful Baskets Shops For Me

005 Bountiful Baskets Food Coop = cheaper fresh produce that I don’t have to shop for = Lazy Stepford Wife Approved.

This is a picture of a basket I recently picked up from my contribution to   They have the program in my area and lots of others too, so check it out.  I make a donation, print the receipt and pick up the goods at the end of the week.  As you can see it is a lot of produce.

It does mean that I have to try some new things once in a while.  Usually that’s ok. They have a lot of other things you can buy as well like breads, granola, bulk produce, specialty packs, and organic produce.  My husband is on the bandwagon because he likes the different fruits they provide and asked me when the next pick up was.  This is an easy way to keep healthy food around the house (where you are more likely to eat it).